It is the principle member if the power transmission system on to which the reciprocating motion of the piston is converted in to rotating motion with the help of connecting rod.

In a heavy duty vehicle, it is subjected to both torsional and bending stresses. Leyparts Crankshafts are sturdier, accurately machined, perfectly processed and efficient.


Leyparts crankshafts are perfectly suited to Ashok Leyland premium heavy duty vehicles, since they are made by Ashok Leyland, conforming to rigid specifications.

The Crankshafts are nitrided for 42 hours, tested for endurance and dimensional accuracy, in Precision Control Lab, which tests the complete Ashok Leyland vehicles.

The Crankshafts of other manufacturers are not nitrided, required process quality standards to withstand fatigue resistance.

100% - Material Checked

Leyparts Crankshafts are made out of special grade material Drop forged chrome molybdenum steel is checked for perfect specific composition. Computerised SPECTROVAC machine analysis the material composition accurately by non- destructive techniques.

The microstructure, hardness and grain flow pattern are checked to withstand operational conditions to deliver the ultimate performance.

Crankshafts – Design Highlights

Ashok Leyland is the only Company which guarantees nitriding process for Crankshaft so that it withstand the torsional and bending stresses.

Facilitates fitment of full circle oil seal which prevents end oil leakage totally compared to split type oil seal fitted in flange design.

Incase of oil leak, end sleeve alone to be replaced if worn out saving replacement cost of Crankshaft in the flanged design.

Crankshafts  – Process Features

100% Accuracy Checked

Runout and lobing out of the journals Free rotation /transmission
Journal Diameters/tool mark. Fatigue/ stress concentration less
Throughness of lubricating Oil holes. Seizure of engine due to insufficient lubrication eliminated.
Hardness in EQUITIP Electronic hardness testing Equipment Wear resistant
Surface finish by TALYSURF (Surt Sonic 3) Smooth transmission and desired output of the engine.

100% Advantage Checked

Ashok Leyland consistently maintains high quality standards.

All parameters critical for quality are uncompromisingly adhered to. From choosing forged material to correct process, every aspect is meticulously scrutinized and verified.

This makes LEYPARTS CRANKSHAFTS more durable and efficient that has perfect harmony to Leyland Engine.